Hi, I live in Vicenza (North Italy), where I live and work full time as a Commercial Photographer, mostly on People, Portrait, Food & Wine and Lifestyle assignements.
I have a strong interest in simple and minimal things that simply works! I think mostly the same about lights in my photography.
I like direct and ironic communication. I try to focus my photography on commercial project, with an elegant, clean and fresh style.
My passion and my goal is to give the works I do a commercial value, maintaining the true and natural feel of lifestyle images I love making and seeing; I work daily beside companies, creating original content for their business.
I also work with some special wine and food reality; they produces organic foods and wines and it's amazing to live, see and photograph the "fruits" of their work.
I believe in people and passions, like my passions for photography, for life, for learning, that motivates me everyday to be a better photographer, a better person, to take risk, to make mistakes, to study again; to improve.
I like to read, ride mountainbike, immerse myself in other situations, other ambients, let imagination run. Everything else would be unnecessary…
Feel free to contact me; show me your needs, your vision, maybe your problems. I'll try to solve them. We probably could work together.
Thanks for your precious time.
Lorenzo Rui | Photographer
+39 347 42 44 563